Te Arawa Cultural Values Framework

Te Tūāpapa o ngā wai o Te Arawa

Toitū te Wai, Toitū te Whenua, Toitū Te Arawa!

Te Arawa Lakes Trust has developed Te Tūāpapa o ngā wai o Te Arawa / Te Arawa Cultural Values Framework.

It is a values-based Policy Statement that articulates our values in relation to the long term aspirations for the Te Arawa Lakes.

How has it been developed?

This Framework was developed through engagement with Te Arawa hapū and iwi in February to April 2015.


Why has it been developed?

We need to ensure that the Te Arawa Lakes are managed through our values. For this to be achieved, we have collated your feedback and articulated what is meant by Te Arawa values, in a form that is easy to understand and apply.


This Framework will:

  • Ensure that the Te Arawa Lakes are managed and restored with a ‘cultural lens’, alongside science and technology.
  • Effect positive change – environmentally, socially, culturally and economically
  • Improve awareness and knowledge about the traditional relationship of Te Arawa with the Lakes.
  • Show leadership for intergenerational benefit


What are our guiding Te Arawa values?

Our guiding Te Arawa values (Te Whakapapa o te Wai) are: Wai, Waiariki, Waiora, Wairua and Waiata.


What are our guiding principles?

This Framework identifies two Guiding Principles to provide a ‘bridge’ between the conceptual components of Te Whakapapa o Te Wai and the tangible actions. These Principles enable the Lakes (and surrounding land and waterways) to be seen, valued and managed through a Cultural Lens.

  • Guiding Principle 1 – Value the role that the Te Arawa Lakes Trust and Te Arawa have to play regarding the Te Arawa Lakes
  • Guiding Principle 2 – Value Te Ao Māori