Fishing Licence Distribution Policy 2021 – 2022



To ensure that there is an equitable and sustainable policy for distribution of fishing licences to Te Arawa. “Equitable” means that all beneficiaries registered with the Te Arawa Lakes Trust can apply for and be eligible to receive licences available from the Trust. “Sustainable” means the number of fishing licences issued each year will not exceed the allocated budget as determined by the annual interest received from the specific fishing licence investment fund.

Policy Statement


The Trust will have regard for their charitable status under their Trust Deed, all other relevant legislation and the views of their beneficiaries when processing applications and determining a charge (If any) for licences they allocate.

Allocation Policy


Group 1:

All Beneficiaries aged 65 years and over at the time of application and who fulfil the Eligibility Requirements below will receive “A single adult licence” – Free of charge

Group 2:

All other Registered Beneficiaries who meet the criteria will have the price of “A single adult licence” subsidised by 50% by TALT.


NOTE: Where beneficiaries request another type of licence, they will be required to pay the balance of that licence. For example;

Person 1 is allocated a Local Area Adult licence which attracts a 50% subsidy. A person 1 request to upgrade those licences to a Family Licence and therefore pays the balance of the licence fee.

Cash payments can be made in person at Te Arawa Lakes Trust office.


Local Area Adult Licence Fee $106.00
TALT Subsidy – 50% $53.00
Request to upgrade to a Family Licence
Family Licence Fee $173.00
Less TALT Subsidy (Single Adult Licence) $53.00
TOTAL TO PAY $120.00


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be currently registered with Te Arawa Lakes Trust as a registered beneficiary and will be required to pay their share of the licence fee prior to being issued a licence.


  1. The TALT Board will approve the Fishing Licence Policy at the July Board meeting each year.
  2. To manage the Fishing Licence Budget, Te Arawa Lakes Trust registered beneficiaries will be advised by email, text, pānui or social media to register their interest for a Fishing Licence. The registrations will be online only to ensure that registration data is analysed beforehand to determine demand versus supply. Registrations will open on the Monday of the second week of August to the Friday of the third week of September.
  3. If Koeke apply for a Te Arawa Fishing Licence. Te Arawa Koeke who are regular Fishermen will be invited to review the Koeke list and determine if those who have applied for a licence should be considered for a free licence. (Te Arawa Koeke recommend that only those Koeke who actively fish should receive a free licence).
  4. Te Arawa Koeke who are eligible will be allocated a fishing licence automatically.
  5. If there is significant demand for fishing licences a ballot will occur where ALL Under 65yrs Registered Fishing Licence Applicants will be placed into the ballot to allow a fair and transparent process.
  6. If a Fishing Licence Ballot is held, it will be broadcast live. Whanau members may attend and/or can also watch live via social media. The Chair / Deputy Chair / CEO will be responsible to undertake the live draw.
  7. There will be at least two (2) Public notices in the Daily Post during August and September, a panui on the TALT website, TALT Facebook Page and Instagram, inviting eligible applicants to register for a fishing licence from Monday 9th August 2021 until the Friday 17th September 2021. Fishing licence registration will cease at the end of the third week in September to allow for analysis of registrations and also allow for fishing licences to be received before the Fishing Season Opening Day.
  8. Fishing licences must be paid in full before the end of October. If they are not paid the licence will be forfeited.
  9. Fishing Licences will be held for those Te Arawa Lakes Trust Trustees who are regular fisherman and/or Komiti Whakahaere members who are regular fisherman. If Trustees are over 65 they will receive a free fishing licence however if they are under 65yrs they will be required to pay 50% of the licence cost.
  10. Under no circumstances will staff reserve or hold fishing licences for eligible applicants.

NOTE:  All successful applicants will be encouraged at the time of being issued a licence, to register as an elector with Fish and Game.

On a Fish and Game election year, all successful applicants will receive a formal letter advising them to attend East Fish & Game AGM and participate in the voting for Te Arawa nominees to the East Fish & Game Council.

That if applicants are unable to vote in the triennial Easter Region Fish and Game elections, that they agree to give their proxy vote to Te Arawa Lakes Trust.


This policy will be reviewed no later than 30 July each year.