Te Waikai Otaota is ready to go again

Oct 27, 2023 | Lakes, Uncategorized

Te Waikai Otaota, our treatment for lake weed on our Te Arawa lakes is set to take place again.
Te Tukunga Waikai Otaota which is our aquatic weed control operations will be taking place intermittently between 01 November and the 10 December 2023 in Lake Rotorua, Lake Rotoiti, Lake Tarawera and Lake Ōkāreka using the herbicide Diquat Dibromide.

Follow-up treatment may be applied following this period depending on the results of the initial treatment.
A rāhui will also be placed on the area of control prohibiting swimming, taking food, and collecting drinking water for 24 hours following control operations.
Signage will be erected during this time to ensure all lake users are aware of this rāhui.

For more please read Te Waikai Otaota: Spray plan 2 for Te Arawa Lakes Aquatic Weed Management 2023