Strengthening Our Commitment to Protecting Lake Ōkataina and Our Te Arawa Lakes System

Sep 27, 2023 | Lakes



Strengthening Our Commitment to Protecting Lake Ōkataina and Our Te Arawa Lakes System

Te Arawa Lakes Trust is committed to support Ngāti Tarāwhai in their efforts to safeguard Lake Ōkataina from the potential threat posed by the invasive gold-clam.

“We stand behind Ngāti Tarāwhai in their pursuit to seek a controlled area notice, which can only be authorised by the Ministry for Primary Industries and encourage conversations to understanding how vital a step in the process is,” says Te Arawa Lakes Trust newly appointed Chief Executive Dr. Daryn Bean.


Te Arawa Lakes Trust is committed to exploring further these protective measures by working towards the establishment of a customary Rāhui for Lake Ōkataina.

This dual-pronged approach will encompass a Rāhui whakarauora taiao, emphasising conservation, and a Rāhui aukati mōreareatanga, addressing the biosecurity risk posed by the gold-clam.


“Our dedication to raising awareness about the threat of the gold-clam across our Te Arawa Lakes system is resolute and we have been working collaboratively with various agencies to manage this invasive pest by holding hui-whakamōhio (information-sharing meetings) to enhance awareness and knowledge-sharing.

Te Arawa Lakes Trust is steadfast in its mission to empower marae, hapū, iwi, and communities with scientific knowledge and evidence to support their existing foundational knowledge of whakapapa and mātauranga Māori.

“Informed decisions are crucial to crafting sustainable solutions that will ensure the longevity of our Rotomoana lakes system for future generations and our primary focus centers on enabling the restoration and protection of our water systems and taonga species, always.”

Te Arawa Lakes Trust and Biosecurity NZ will host their first open-forum discussion, a Gold-Clam wānanga to be held at the Millenium Hotel, 530pm Wednesday 27 September.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

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