Seeking feedback on our DRAFT Te Arawa Climate Change Strategy

Nov 20, 2020 | Climate Change, Lakes, Media, Te Arawa News

Haumi e, hui e, tāiki e!

Much like our ancestor Ngatoroirangi uttered during the journey from Hawaiki, we are signaling our Te Urunga o Kea group is ready and unified for a common purpose.

Te Urunga o Kea was formed in 2018 following a request at the 2017 AGM for Te Arawa Lakes Trust to establish a working group to investigate a response to Climate Change. 

Through stakeholder engagement over the past two years, the Group has identified the priority areas for whānau that need to be addressed as part of the Te Ara ki Kōpū climate change strategy for Te Arawa. You can view the strategy here

The Strategy aligns with our Te Arawa vision andprovides a pathway to work collectively and proactively as we head into uncertain times – it is a call to action for our survival to seek a new way of life, to ensure survival of our economic livelihood and natural resources.

There are many challenges ahead but we have a long history of navigating change and transformation, together with our Te Arawa whānau, Hapū and Iwi we can focus our collective efforts on the priority actions and kaupapa that will create the biggest impact for Te Arawa.

The draft Te Ara ki Kō climate change strategy is ready for feedback – please circulate with your networks and those of your whānau who have an interest in this area. 

As you review the Strategy please consider the following pātai as part of your feedback to us;1. Our Vision says Te Arawa, ahu Hawaiki Past, present and future generations of Te Arawa – secure and well – is this a clear enough statement of where you want to see Te Arawa in future?2. What does success look like as we implement the Strategic goals and priority actions? (your feedback will help shape our measures of success).3. We have six kaupapa areas to focus our future work. Please tell us if there is anything missing? 4. Please let us know how you wish to support these kaupapa areas. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback by 15 December 2020. Please send the feedback to [email protected] with the Subject line: Te Ara ki Kopū