Invitation to attend the Lake Ōkaro Ceremony

Feb 19, 2020 | Lakes, Media, No-Category, Te Arawa News

Te Arawa Lakes Trust extends a warm invitation to attend the celebration marking the vesting of the legal ownership of the Lake Ōkaro lakebed to Te Arawa Lakes Trust

The transfer of ownership is a significant milestone for Te Arawa, as it signifies the realisation of many years of collective effort from iwi, council and various government agencies, to implement commitments made in the historical Te Arawa Lakes Settlement.

Te Papaiōuru Marae, Ōhinemutu, Rotorua

Wednesday 26 February 2020

10:30am – Pōhiri

Lunch to follow

Nā reira, nau mai, hara mai…..

Please RSVP to Jasmine Waerea by Friday 21 February 2020 [email protected] / 07 3461 761