Cultural Monitoring Plan – Aquatic Weed Control

Dec 17, 2019 | Climate Change, Lakes, No-Category, Te Arawa News

Mahi is continuing on the development of the Aquatic Weed Control – Cultural Monitoring Plan, which will ensure cultural impacts are considered and monitored for various activities on the lakes.

The draft plan was developed in May and is already being implemented as part of recent resource consents for weed spraying – with follow-up monitoring of tau kōura already showing some impressive results.

Working group member Cory O’Neill, from Te Mana Roto Trust, says feedback from a recent tau kōura gathering after the spray treatment showed a significant improvement on the ability to work the tau.

“I was surprised and impressed with how effective this application has been. There is a visual and noticeable difference on the lake bottom that has been cleared of the Lagarosiphon between the tau line and the lake shore.

“We are optimistic this will have a positive effect, allowing koura to migrate back and forth for feeding.”

Cory says the improved lake conditions as a result of the spray application will allow the re-establishment of other family tau kōura in an area that had previously been left unattended.

TALT has now set up a working group of different hapū to develop the next stage of the Cultural Monitoring Plan, with the next phase considering what sites should be included or excluded.

To find out more about this kaupapa, keep an eye on the TALT website and Facebook over the coming months as there will be a survey and hui for those interested.

Or, if you would like to contribute, share ideas or provide feedback, please complete the survey found here