New freshwater taonga species resources now available for download

Sep 11, 2020 | Lakes, Media, Te Arawa News

Tēnā koutou katoa,

Te Wai Māori Trust and NIWA thanks those who were able to attend yesterday’s online launch (watch here) of our new report, assessing the vulnerability of our taonga freshwater species to climate change. Over 1,000 people marked their interest in the event and our webinar has had over 800 views, reaffirming the importance to people of the health and abundance of our taonga species.

In a world-first, the report applies a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) based on an internationally recognised method to assess the vulnerability of ten of our freshwater taonga species to climate change. Seven of the ten species researched ranked ‘High’ to ‘Very High’ against the CCVA with tuna (longfin eel) and piharau/kanakana (lamprey) at the top of the list.

If you would like a physical copy of the Non-Technical Summary Report and the Species Files Appendix, īmēra mai your address and full name ki:

Digital copies of each report, including individual species reports, are available by clicking the image below.


Research Launch Webinar: Assessing the Vulnerability of our Freshwater Taonga Species to a Changing Climate

Watch below as Te Wai Māori Trust and NIWA launched our new report and key findings assessing the vulnerability of our taonga freshwater species to climate change.  This information is needed so that decision-makers such as Iwi, Hapū and Whānau and Te Wai Māori Trust can make informed decisions regards taonga species conservation and management.

Webinar Video

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If you have any pātai about the report, please feel free to get in touch on or call (04) 931 9500.  

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