Apr 3, 2016 | Elections, Te Arawa News

Tena koutou katoa

We’d like to be able to keep you informed, send you invitations to our AGM and any other information we share. However if you have moved you may not have given it a second thought that we won’t have your forwarding details.  If this sounds like you, please contact our office today!

Phone: 07 346 1761 or free phone 0508 832 729
Address: 1194 Haupapa Street, Rotorua

If you have a rural address, please contact NZ Post for correct details, including your postcode, this is very important as this ensures your mail gets to you.  If you have a PO Box in town or Counter Delivery details, please phone and update these details with us.

New information today regarding Rural Delivery

You may have done the above and checked with postcode finder to ensure your address is correct and it will be. However we have just recently learnt that if you have NOT registered with NZ Post as a Rural Delivery recipient it is NOT guaranteed you will receive your mail – so check this out and cover all bases.