Declaration of Result of Election & Poll

Dec 6, 2021 | Annual General Meeting, Elections

Election of Trustees

Notice is hereby given that the result of the election of nine (9) Trustees to the Te Arawa Lakes Trust concluding on Saturday 27 November 2021 is as follows:

Te Kawatapuārangi Rohe (3 vacancies)

Votes Received

CURTIS, Noble Thomson (Toby) 268
IHAKARA, Rangimiria 207
TAHANA, Arapeta 310
WHATA, Georgina 220

There were 0 blank votes and 0 informal votes
I therefore declare Noble Thomson (Toby) CURTIS, Arapeta TAHANA and Georgina WHATA to be elected from Te Kawatapuārangi Rohe.

Te Ure o Uenukukōpako Rohe (3 vacancies)

Votes Received

BENNETT, Roana Marie 392
FLAVELL, Te Ururoa 483
ROLLESTON, Geoff 410
SAVAGE, Merehira 306
TAPIHANA (TAPSELL), Liam Anthony Wherowhero 198

There were 5 blank votes and 0 informal votes
I therefore declare Roana Marie BENNETT, Te Ururoa FLAVELL and Geoff ROLLESTON to be elected from Te Ure o Uenukukōpako Rohe.

At the close of the nomination period on Wednesday 22 September 2021, only three nominations were received for the three vacancies for Tūhourangi Rohe. As such, no election was required and Nuki NICHOLSON, Niwa Ranju NURI and Rangitihi PENE were duly declared elected trustees from Tūhourangi Rohe.

Of the 9,904 voting papers issued, 1,189 were completed and returned, this being a 12.0% return.

Special Resolution Poll

Notice is also given that the result of the Special Resolution Poll concluding on Sunday 5 December 2021 is as follows:


  1. Agree to set trustee meeting fees to between $405 to $495 per meeting with a maximum cap of $13,500 per trustee.
  2. Agree to set the Sub-Committee Chair’s meeting fees to between $540 and $660 per meeting with a maximum cap of $12,000 per Sub-Committee Chair.
  3. Agree to set the Chair’s honorarium to between $36,000 and $44,000 gross (payable monthly).
  4. Agree to set the Deputy Chair’s honorarium to between $20,700 to $25,300 gross (payable monthly).

Note that the financial impact of the policy change is that total trustee meeting fees will be between $162,000 and $198,000. The 100% percentile is $180,000.

Option Votes Received % Valid Votes
YES / ĀE 1,041 64.62%
NO / KAO 479 29.73%
Informal 0 0.00%
Blank 91 5.65%

As the resolution requires a majority of 75% of the votes cast, I therefore declare the resolution not passed.

Of the 14,160 voting papers issued, 1,611 were completed and returned, this being a 11.37% return.

Dated at Rotorua, 6 December 2021

Dale Ofsoske, Independent Returning Officer
Independent Election Services Ltd
for Te Arawa Lakes Trust